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Sebastian Hentschel
Salinenstraße 24
17489 Greifswald

Tel.: 0 38 34 - 77 65 64
Fax: 0 38 34 - 8 55 22 59
Mobil: 01 76 - 22 03 45 54


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We are engaged in building modern freestanding riggsystems and junksails.

Most of our experience we gathered with our own 80sqm single junksail on 12t Peregrine sailing both sheltered and offshore waters.

In partnership with norwegian engeniers Victor Winterthun and Arne Kverneland we have possibility to get you forward with your riggingproject. Thanks to cambered panels and modern sailclothmaterials we achieve low sailweight and great windward abbility.

Our junksails focus on easy handling and easy reefing. With most of the sailarea high above the waterline we gather maximum sailarea so you can forget about jibs and spinnakermanoeuvers.

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